AFEP Guiding Principles

As an association we have developed a set of high level guiding principles which reflect our collective views on the way we conduct our business and pursue the objectives of AFEP. These principles ensure that there is a clear understanding, by all members, of the objectives of AFEP and that members strive for shared goals.

Adherence to the principles ensures all member firms uphold the values of AFEP and hence protect the reputation of the member group and the industry as a whole.

We expect our members to sign up to, and follow, these principles.

  • We will treat our customers fairly and act morally and ethically in our dealings with all classes of customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • We support national and international efforts to combat terrorist financing, corruption and money laundering.
  • We encourage cooperation and partnering with regulatory, governmental and trade bodies relevant to the industry.
  • We conduct our business in a manner that contributes to the stability and expansion of the foreign exchange industry, in accordance with applicable laws and relevant international agreements.
  • We aim to maintain adequate capital to sustain long-term operations reflective of the risks we undertake.
  • We promote best practices through exchange of information on our activities, policies and procedures, and through the development of relevant agreements and standards, where these are deemed necessary and appropriate.
  • We are committed to furthering transparency amongst members and in the reporting of our overall business activities, reflective of international practices and respectful of the confidentiality of third party information.
  • We are aware of our corporate social responsibility and take issues into account in the conduct of our business.


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