AFEP Objectives

The objectives of the organisation are as follows:

  • To influence and help shape any future policy that affects the API industry.
  • To keep members up to date on changes in regulation and communicate the over-arching effects of any such changes.
  • To help members understand what impact regulatory and government body process changes will have on their business.
  • To encourage and facilitate discussion between members on any changes that will impact on the API industry.
  • To encourage and facilitate the sharing of mutually beneficial information, for example: the latest methods for preventing fraud.
  • To find out from members what their common issues and concerns are, and to effectively communicate these concerns to regulatory and government bodies.
  • To obtain legal advice on key areas of concern for our members and to share the advice obtained for the benefit of members.
  • To offer guidance and to develop best practice for compliance, with a particular focus upon the Payment Services Regulations 2009.


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