AFEP Membership

About AFEP membership


AFEP membership is available to all API firms and e-money institutions who are registered with the FCA (or your local regulatory body if you are overseas), have a MLR number from the HMRC (if applicable) and agree to abide by the AFEP guiding principles.

We take great pride in the diversity of our membership and encourage our members to get involved, engage in debate and make a dynamic contribution for the benefit of members.


Types of Company membership


Full membership


Membership starts on 1st October each year and runs for twelve months through to 30th September.

The cost of full membership is £1,110. There is no VAT charge

Associate membership

Associate member firms are those who provide a service or product to the API industry such as IT systems. Membership starts on 1st October each year and runs for twelve months through to 30th September. The cost of associate membership is £1100. There is no VAT charge.



Benefits of joining AFEP


  • A strong committee of industry professionals lobbies key regulators including the FCA, HMRC and FOS on your behalf. We endeavour to represent members interests and influence proposed regulations and also seek clarification and information on existing regulation.
  • You will receive timely updates on significant developments within the industry, such as key regulatory issues, procedural changes with government regulatory bodies, fraud alerts etc.
  • Through regular newsletters and updates via the secure members’ portal you will be kept up to date on all issues affecting your business.
  • Regular events enable members to get together, network, exchange non-competitive information and discuss any issues or concerns.


Registration process


If you would like to join the AFEP, please follow the steps below.

  1. Create an account and personal profile
  2. Register your company with the site and apply for membership
  3. All membership requests are reviewed by the AFEP Executive Committee.
  4. Our administrator will then get in touch to explain the next steps and issue an invoice.
  5. Once payment has been made you will be given access to our secure login area and receive details of our next member event.

If you have any problems, please call our Administrator Liz on 07850 956808.


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